Bisleri case in india

In this case the Court did so quite emphatically. Some analysts said that it would be difficult for Kinley to make a dent in the branded water market in India because it was already overcrowded and highly competitive.

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Reinventing Bisleri

The market was segmented into premium, popular and bulk segments Refer Table I for the price range in different segments.

The television version of the ad ran for 45 seconds. They felt that it was companies with strong distribution channels that would do well in the long run.

Branded mineral water which sold in only 60 towns inwas available in towns in In the present matter, the defendant, Bisleri by a master agreement, had sold and assigned the trade mark MAAZA including formulation rights, know-how, intellectual property rights, goodwill etc for India only with respect to a mango fruit drink known as MAAZA to Coca-Cola.

Bisleri planned to target the soft drinks market by adding a fun element to the product. The Rs 1, crore branded packaged water market, which was once synonymous with the desi Bisleri, is now witnessing intense competition with multinationals entering the fray, according to a survey by ORG-MARG.

Said Chauhan, "Our observation is that people consume mineral water not for the minerals, but for safety. Inthe branded water market had grown to Rs 7 billion.

Bisleri India Case Study

But this whole scene changed in the 's. In contrast, Bisleri had only 15 bottling plants and three franchisees. Inthe branded water market had grown to Rs 7 billion.

Bisleri Water Online

What remained to be seen was whether Bisleri's new positioning would help it to increase its turnover to Rs 10 billion by In the late s, Bisleri launched its Pure and Safe advertisement campaign to convince the consumers that it was the only pure and safe branded water in the market.

He took Khushroo in confidence and got him in on his crazy grand scheme — to manufacture bottled water.

In the late s, many international brands were planning to enter the branded mineral water market. The comparable margin for a crate of 1 litre bottles was Rs While it was widely accepted that branded water quenched thirst, there was very little that branded water could do to provide a fun element.

Chauhan was confident that bythe water business would grow at the cost of the soft drink market. Bisleri thought that a heavier 1.

Two trips with their orchestra and we thought of an even madder idea — to start a professional orchestra here in India. Inthe branded mineral water market had grown to a million litre business, valued at Rs 4 billion. The ultimate aim was to increase Bisleri's turnover from Rs 4 billion2 in to Rs 10 billion by.

Bisleri is a brand of mineral bottled water in India. Bisleri has 60% market share in packaged drinking water in India. Bisleri water is a product of parle brand. Aug 30,  · Bisleri International re-enters soft drinks business, launches 'Bisleri Pop' 26 Feb,PM IST Bisleri International has re-entered the soft drink segment with the launch of 'Bisleri Pop', the company said in a statement today.

Bisleri Bottled Water Bottled Water (A) Assuming that you are from the agency, prepare a tentative marketing research proposal with the following; marketing decision problem, research problem, Research plan, and information collection methods. ‘Bottles for Change’, an initiative by Bisleri International Pvt.

Ltd., focuses to create awareness amongst all citizens about waste segregation, recycling of plastic bottles and.

Reinventing Bisleri

The case talks about the various marketing strategies adopted by Parle Bisleri Ltd. to arrest the sliding market share of its branded water brand—Bisleri. Bisleri mineral water was the market leader in the early s.

The brand started losing its share due to increased competition and the entry of multinationals such as Coke and Pepsi into the. Bisleri, Bailley, Aquafina, and Kinley were some of the dominant brands in this segment.

In the bulk segment (5, 12 & 20 litres), Bisleri was a major player with Kinley and Aquafina staying out of this segment.

Bisleri case in india
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